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CMP ~ Contract Manager Program

File your reimbursement request reports with confidence!

Professional Recordkeeping Systems (PRS) developed the Contract Manager Program (CMP) to help meet the needs of our non-profit clients who have multiple funding sources with complex reimbursement reporting requirements. Our goal is to help ensure that these clients submit timely and accurate reimbursement request reports. CMP was designed within Microsoft Access and will store all of your organization's expenditures and contract budgets. It is used to automatically create reimbursement request reports for every funded contract of your organization.

How Does the CMP Work?

KeyboardDiamond Bullet All expenditures, regardless of the funding source being charged, are entered into your computer using the CMP input screens. This makes the input process quick and easy.

Diamond Bullet Expenditures can be entered into the CMP database as often as you like and in any order. The CMP database automatically sorts all of the transactions for you.

Diamond Bullet You can print reports at any time, based upon the criteria you select.

Diamond Bullet Edit reports have been designed to instantly help you identify input errors such as missing checks, expenditures not allocated to a funding source, typing errors, etc.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using The CMP?

Diamond Bullet The CMP is a time saver because it takes your computer only seconds to prepare your reimbursement reports. This helps to increase staff efficiency by significantly reducing the number of work hours required for processing reimbursement reports.

Diamond Bullet The CMP was designed with a system of "checks and balances" to help ensure the accuracy of your reimbursement requests. Accurate reimbursement request reports, submitted on a timely basis, helps to improve cash flow.

Diamond Bullet The CMP will provide reports to set up and monitor your budget throughout the year.

Diamond Bullet The "YTD Grant Allocation" report lists every disbursement for the entire fiscal year, by funding source(s). Your auditors appreciate these reports because they greatly simplify audit procedures which also helps to reduce audit fees.